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Strive for a Brighter Future

Strive for a Brighter Future

Ng Wai Shan’s Story
Faculty of Arts

It is not uncommon to see students feeling puzzled about their future career path and would like to seek advice from experts. Ng Wai Shan Ebbie, a final year student, was not alone. She was eager to know more about the job market and improve her career planning. Therefore, when the Coachiever programme organised by CEDARS was launched, she immediately took the initiative to join it. 

Ebbie has joined the Coachiever Programme.

The career coaching programme was comprised of professional coaching and personalised training workshops to assist students with their career goal setting, career planning and preparation. The objectives were to build students’ confidence and motivate them to pursue their dreams. “As an Arts student, I was not sure about my competitive edge and I also didn’t know how to embark on my career journey,” she recalled. “Hence, I applied to join the Coachiever programme to seek advice from professional coaches.”

Ebbie has gained a lot from the programme.

Ruby was Ebbie’s coach and they had a lot of insightful discussions in the tailor-made consultation sessions. “As Ruby has similar career interests with me, she knows how to tackle my concerns and she offered me lots of ideas on polishing my CV as well as my interview skills!” she expressed. “Once I was in a dilemma about which internship offer I should accept, I contacted Ruby for her suggestions, and she guided me to make a sensible decision. Eventually, I had an exhilarating internship experience and it helped me pursue my interest in the field of human resources.

As a concluding remark, Ebbie encouraged students with struggles and difficulties in career planning to join the programme. She expressed gratitude for Ruby’s assistance, “She was a life coach! She helped me a lot in exploring my strengths and gave me numerous constructive career advice.  This programme was such a memorable experience to me!”

Written by:
Ivan Cheung
Year 3, Faculty of Arts
November 2022

Strive for a Brighter Future