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A Valuable Resource for the Future Career

A Valuable Resource for the Future Career

Lam Lok Hin, Justin’s Story
Faculty of Arts

From July to August,
Justin Lam Lok Hin had been working as a full-time student intern at CEDARS. For Justin, this internship was thought to be a challenging task initially, since he had not participated a lot in student affairs, but Justin expressed, “I still wanted to give myself a challenge and hoped I can assist CEDARS in formulating and implementing programmes in different aspects”, marking the beginning of Justin’s journey with CEDARS last summer.

Justin with the Dean of Student Affairs

The job duties performed by Justin were various, such as helping in the Student Body Registration and Hall Info Day and Inauguration Ceremony. “I hadn’t had an experience in attending these events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this internship offered me a precious opportunity to be exposed to different events. I could also meet new friends from different ethnic backgrounds”, said Justin with joy.

Justin having attended the Inaguration Ceremony for New Students

However, there were some duties that were unfamiliar to Justin. For example, Justin was asked to design promotional materials, for which he had no prior experience in using the graphic design software. “I had to figure out the things and learn by myself, but it really provides me with an opportunity to gain exposure on how to use different design software.” Justin believes both the searching skills and the practical knowledge related to the use of software are essential in the future workplace.

“In the future, I would like to pursue myself as an administrative officer, preferably in the government or private sectors.” Because of his career goal, Justin was particularly thankful for this internship experience with different departments within CEDARS, including the General Education Team, the Counselling and Person Enrichment Section and so on, which allowed him to work with different members in the university.

Being equipped with communication and administrative skills over the two months, it is believed that this summer experience would serve as a valuable resource for him to be utilised in the future career.

Working joyfully with CEDARS colleagues

Written by: 
Leung Lok Yan
Year 3, Faculty of Arts
November 2022

A Valuable Resource for the Future Career