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The Story behind AssignTrack@HKU

The Story behind AssignTrack@HKU

Sudhakar Shah and Abhimanyue Singh Tanwar's Story
Faculty of Engineering

The terror of missing an assignment deadline should be no stranger to any university students. The same goes to Sudhakar Shah and Abhimanyue Singh Tanwar, but what is different is that they went above and beyond to face this fear.  Having already learnt some basic programming at high schools, they decided to solve this problem with technology. They developed AssignTrack@HKU, a chrome extension that helps keep track of deadlines. 

"Their minds were occupied by one thing – the future they had envisioned."

It is always easier to say than to do.  Even though they study computer science at HKU, it was their first time creating a chrome extension. Thus, they had to start from scratch through self-learning on YouTube.  There were times when they doubted their abilities, when they questioned their decisions, and when they thought of giving up. What made things even tougher was to strike a balance between this project and their studies. Inevitably, less time was spent hanging out with friends while more was spent burying their heads into the world of coding. Yet, none of these stopped Sudhakar and Abhimanyue, as their minds were occupied by one thing – the future they had envisioned. 

Photo of Sudhakar Shah

After two months of struggles and trials, AssignTrack@HKU was born.  It was a breezy evening when Sudhakar and Abhimanyue published their hard work on the internet. The sun slowly went down while they saw the download number of AssignTrack@HKU gradually went up.  That was the moment they knew everything they had paid was worth it.  The surging download number and the positive reviews were the standing ovation they deserved.

So, here is the story of Sudhakar and Abhimanyue’s first big, brave and bold step into the technology field, but it certainly would not be their last.

Written by:
Annie Cheung
Year 3, Faculty of Arts
July 2018

The Story behind AssignTrack@HKU