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Uni-Y: The Gateway to Community Engagement and Student Life Experience

Uni-Y: The Gateway to Community Engagement and Student Life Experience

Pang Tsz Fung’s Story
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

University YMCA® (HKU) has been thriving to nurture students into future leaders to serve the local and overseas communities, and to make university lives of students fruitful and rewarding. Pang Tsz Fung, Max, a third-year Nursing student, has served as the President of the 9th Student Executive Committee to carry the holistic mission forward.

“When I was a freshman, I aspired to become an Executive Committee (ExCo) member of student societies, particularly because it was one of the ‘must-dos’ in university life. As YMCA is an internationally renowned organization that offers a wide array of voluntary services and joint-university activities, it struck a balance between my passion and interests in community engagement and experiencing ‘jong’ life. That’s why I opted for University YMCA (Uni-Y) eventually,” Max recalled.

During his spell at Uni-Y, he actively participated in the planning and execution of various events in aid of the elderly, children and stray pets under three key areas: Global Citizenship, Community Engagement and Christian Action. As the President, he did not only administer duties related to public relations, human resources, publicity and photography, but also hosted ceremonies and public speaking for Uni-Y activities.

Max was one of the hosts at the University & College YMCA International Youth Conference 2023.

Notwithstanding the accomplishments of Max and his fellow members, he acknowledged some difficulties that he and his Committee encountered, notably at the commencement of their term. “Most members were relatively shy to speak up since we rarely met in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the leader, I had to bear the responsibility to facilitate integration and interaction by eliminating communication barriers within our group,” Max uttered.

Besides, the coincidence of the government funding approval for the event “Project PLAY – Promoting Play Right for Kids’ Holistic Development” and examinations caused a headache for Max and his team. “Given that our schedules were fully packed, we could merely deal with the follow-up tasks by assigning them to members who were available during the exam period.”