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Powering Up My Career Through Internship

Powering Up My Career Through Internship

Lau Hok Yee’s Story
Faculty of Engineering
BEng (EE)

Doing internships not only enables students to accumulate hands-on skills and experience in the workplace, but also facilitates career exploration. Lau Hok Yee, Natalie, a final year Electrical Engineering student, had a fabulous journey under the Sandwich Internship Programme at the CLP Power Hong Kong Limited between August 2022 and August 2023.

As an intern, Natalie was delighted to acquire and apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations.

During her one-year tenure at CLP, Natalie was assigned to the Asset Management Department where she was chiefly responsible for conducting research on smart grid technologies and preparing key performance index reports for the Scheme of Control Agreements with the Government. She also had invaluable opportunities to broaden her exposure to power generation, transmission and distribution, including participation in various conferences to take a glimpse at the cutting-edge technology in electricity supply, and site visits to power stations for a deeper understanding of the operations of Hong Kong’s largest electricity supplier. Apart from corporate duties, Natalie was actively engaged in various social and recreational events of CLP, such as the Ladies’ Lawn Bowling Team and the CLP Volunteering Team to check and repair electrical appliances for elderly households.