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The Bridge from Study to Career

The Bridge from Study to Career

Ng Cheuk Yin, Dick's Story 
Faculty of Arts 

“I wanted to get a taste of the cultural industry and see if I’m fit for this field.” 

“I wasn’t from the technological side before as I’m an Arts graduate.  At the beginning, I didn't even know how to use the light panel for sound balancing.  But Iater, I enjoy the Trainee Programme a lot.” This is Ng Cheuk-yin, Dick, now working in a culture-related field, used to be a Cultural Management Trainee at Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre (CYMCC) two years ago.  He was the first batch of fresh graduates who devoted himself to the kaleidoscopic creative industry.

“I wanted to get a taste of the cultural industry and see if I’m fit for this field.” His undergraduate study and involvement in the Cultural Centre became his seedbed of cultivating an artistic interest and thus, paved his way to land his job, where it “opened something new” for him to explore.

“I’ve never heard of this art before and it’s very rare to see it in Hong Kong,” as Dick lingered on his unforgettable experience during the programme back in December 2017, when the Centre and the HKU SPACE (Oriental Studies) co-organised a Japanese traditional drama entitled “《寶生流 +山本家》能與狂言之夕”. 

His comprehensive role from holding venue visits, managing social media platforms to preparing for the backstage is one of the reasons that Dick appreciated the Cultural Management Trainee Programme, offering him “useful basics” for bridging his career now in the cultural industry.

The Programme also trained Dick to be quick-witted on unexpected occasions, such as dealing with over-seating issues and crowd control. “Staff from the CYMCC are happy to share their knowledge and experience [through different segments of arts administration].”

His advice to future candidates is to be “open-minded, flexible and eager to learn new things”.

Written by:
Jasmine Leung
Year 4, Faculty of Social Sciences
January 2019

The Bridge from Study to Career