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A Visual Storyteller

A Visual Storyteller

Fan Anthony Kar-Long's Story
Faculty of Science

"Anthony depicted his photography journey as serendipity doused with trial and error."

Anthony Fan is a man of multiplicity. He is not only a recent surveying graduate of HKU, but also an established professional photographer specializing in portraiture.  Known professionally as Fan Kar Long, his works show an impressive sense of diversity ranging from commercial campaigns, sports photography to collaboration with organizations. His recent work includes photographing Professor Xiang Zhang, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKU, and fellow graduates. Anthony depicted his photography journey as serendipity doused with trial and error.  

The story began in his first summer semester break, when Anthony took serious consideration that photography could become his livelihood and craft. A hobby turned into a practical goal as Anthony balanced study and his development as an artist.  Having portraiture as his focus gives him ample opportunities to capture precious moments and increase his exposure to people from all walks of life. From Anthony’s words, a photographer’s mission is made clear. Times change, people change but the instant connection between a photographer and his / her subject lasts forever. The charm of portrait photography lies in its intimacy between the two parties, with the camera acting as a ‘passport’ to access the life stories of many.

Anthony’s working life is not without struggles in expressing creativity.  As a 22-year-old, he is still on the path towards self-discovery. Stylistically, he hopes to communicate his personal identity through his works. His final piece of advice for all current and prospective students in the HKU community is to embrace but be selective with the multitude of opportunities around oneself, and try to regard the university as a place to develop one’s passion and in turn, shape one’s path for the future. 

Written by:
Teresa Chung
Year 2, Faculty of Social Sciences
January 2019


A Visual Storyteller