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A Part-time Master of Ceremonies

A Part-time Master of Ceremonies

Sung Pui Yee's Story
(Awardee of 23rd Recognition Ceremony)
Faculty of Science

Sung Pui Yee (Agnes) is a third year Science student majoring in Biochemistry.  Agnes has recently received the CEDARS Service Award - Bronze Award at the 23rd Recognition Ceremony.  She has joined CEDARS Student Host Programme for years and has been co-working with CEDARS as a Master of Ceremonies for various events.

Agnes has been involved in different speaking events since young, beginning with speech competitions and public speaking.  During her high school years, Agnes decided to expand her horizons by emceeing for the graduation ceremony.  Entering university, Agnes decided to continue her path as an MC.  “At the beginning, I sought many opportunities myself, but I gradually built up reputation and employers would approach me to emcee at different events.”

Photo of Agnes as a MC

“Each event is different and unique.  Agnes cherished the connections and exposure she got.”

Within HKU, Agnes has served at multiple events including high table dinners, orientation activities and festivals at New College.  Agnes found the Orientation for Non-local Students the most challenging - there were over two thousand students about to begin their studies at HKU, and she sought to give them a pleasant experience.  Each event is different and unique.  Agnes cherished the connections and exposure she got.

Agnes’ contributions have been recognised by CEDARS with the Service Award, which came as a surprise to her, “I’m really honored regarding the award and thankful for all the opportunities.”  Agnes now teaches public speaking at a primary school and continues to speak at various events.  She intends to continue with this passion after graduation.

Written by:
Truston Yu
Year 3, Faculty of Social Sciences
April 2020

A Part-time Master of Ceremonies