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Group Project in The Melting Pot

Group Project in The Melting Pot

Wong Hison's Story
Faculty of Science

Hison is still reminiscent of his rewarding and unforgettable experience in Rome. Last year, this year 2 Computer Science student was supported by Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme to attend the UNIV Forum in Rome in April. It was the first time for him to attend a world-class forum. He was amazed by the diversity of participants at the forum. Instead of merely acquiring new knowledge, Hison was more interested in utilising this culturally diverse environment to learn more about different customs and cultural values. 

Photo of Hison at the UNIV Forum
“As the representative of Hong Kong, we wanted to show everyone that Hong Kong is a melting pot.”

As Hison recalled, “My team had five different nationalities. The dynamic of collaboration in this team was entirely new to me.” It was a research paper done by the five of them. Since they were inexperienced with the thesis presentation, they had to overcome some challenges during the conference. When they had to present their paper, Hison remembered how they panicked because of a small mistake. At last, however, they still managed to ace the presentation. Hison said that he benefited a lot from the research and team-building experience at this international conference. 

Academic exchange aside, Hison grabbed the chance to speak to people from different cultural backgrounds in the Culture Gettogether dinner. Each team had to perform and share its own local culture with other participants. However, Hison’s team was the odd one out as it consisted of five different cultures. Owing to this reason, they sang a song in five languages. Hison said, “As the representative of Hong Kong, we wanted to show everyone that Hong Kong is a melting pot.” He was surprised that other teams were impressed by his team’s performance. Hison and his teammates suddenly became the spotlight of the dinner. 

Photo of Hison and his friends

Thanks to Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme, Hison was glad that he had the opportunity to get more international exposure during his first year of studies in HKU. He looks forward to joining more international forums to broaden his global vision. 

Written by:
Tracy Wong
2020 Graduate, CEDARS Intern
December 2020

Group Project in The Melting Pot