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Managing Catering Outlets

1. Governance Structure

The University's catering policy is set by the Committee on Student Affairs (CSA) in consultation with its sub-committee, the Committee on Catering (CoC). The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) is responsible for the monitoring of contract compliance by the caterers and execution of decisions by the CSA and the CoC. CEDARS is responsible for day-to-day liaison with the respective Caterers, ensuring food safety and environmental hygiene and monitoring of their quality of service. The service performances of the catering outlets are also oversight by the respective Consumers' Groups. The Consumers' Group, comprises of representatives of non-academic staff, academic staff, and student representatives from nearby halls and HKU Students' Union, will conduct user satisfaction surveys and collect feedbacks from University staff and students on the overall quality of the catering services through regular meetings with the caterers.

2. The Committees Structure

The Committees Structure

3. Major Scope of Work of CEDARS on Campus Catering Services

- ensuring contract compliances by caterers

- responding to comments, complaints, suggestions on catering services

- dealing with emergency situations promptly

- ensuring high standard of food safety and environmental hygiene

- exploring and promoting healthy diets

- regular inspections to catering outlets

- maintaining connection and good communication with contract caterers

- assisting the functioning of Consumers' Groups

- providing supports on special function catering services organized by University departments and offices

4. Consumers' Group

The catering services on campus are monitored by five Consumers' Groups which serve as channels for feedback on catering services between the contract caterers and the University community. There are both staff and students representatives in the Consumers' Groups.

Consumers' Group for Main Estate Catering Outlets
2859-2285 (Mr. Sam Poon, Secretary)

Consumers' Group for Ho Tim Hall Restaurant
3156-7577 (Manager of Jockey Club Student Village I, Secretary)

Consumers' Group for Jockey Club Student Village II Restaurant
3604-2012 (Manager of Jockey Club Student Village II, Secretary)

Consumers' Group for Sassoon Road Catering Outlets
2859-2285 (Mr. Sam Poon, Secretary)

Consumers' Group for Cyberport Phase IV Staff Restaurant
2859-2285 (Mr. Sam Poon, Secretary)

If you wish to consult the minutes of the Consumers' Group meeting or if you wish to attend the Consumers' Group meeting, please contact the Secretary of the respective Consumers' Groups.

Managing Catering Outlets