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HKU Global Assistance Programme

1.    HKU has partnered with International SOS to provide worldwide medical and security support for HKU students and staff participating in exchange, overseas internships, service learning, competitions, academic activities etc.  

2.     It is NOT an insurance policy. 

3.1    Pre-trip medical and security brief 
  • Before departure, HKU students are strongly advised to contact the International SOS’s Hong Kong centre (852) 2528 9900 to review the medical and security information about the destination country for pre-trip planning. 
  • Please also download the ‘International SOS Assistance App’ to have instant access to country-specific medical and security alerts while abroad. 
3.2    While abroad 
When HKU students are abroad, please contact the nearest 24/7 assistance centre run by International SOS for medical and security assistance.  An Intl.SOS assistance centre has physicians, multilingual coordinators, operations manager, logistics support personnel and medical and security professionals on hand to speak with.

4.     Retrieve the HKU membership ID number on the HKU portal.

HKU Global Assistance Programme