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HKU x Arts For Good Leadership Programme

HKU x Arts For Good Leadership Programme


Community Service Learning through Museum Visits

< ALL quotas have been filled up. Thank you for your interest in the Programme. >


About the Programme

Co-organised with Arts for Good Foundation (AFGF), “HKU x Arts For Good Leadership Programme” aims to provide HKU students with service learning opportunities in order to advocate arts and culture to wider community and to broaden social connection with others by leading out-of-classroom learning opportunities. This programme provides a great opportunity for students to make changes together with AFGF towards a more inclusive and diverse future of Hong Kong through the soft power of arts and culture.  Students are required to attend a pre-service training session with AFGF before the service days. After training, students will lead upper primary/ secondary school students from socially polarised communities to art museums [Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMOA) / M+ Museum] on Saturdays.


Programme Objectives

1. To provide a platform for HKU students to tap into their talents, interests and creativity in arts, culture and education sector;
2. To broaden social connection in between communities through working with senior primary and secondary school students from diverse backgrounds and schools; 
3. To increase students’ ownership and advocacy of arts and culture in Hong Kong; and
4. To provide leadership opportunities for students, to allow them exchange their perspectives and viewpoints with others, and to make small changes together through arts and culture in our community.


Service Recipients

Children and youth aged 9-18 from diverse social backgrounds in Hong Kong, with a large number of them from socially polarised and culturally-divided communities.


Programme Schedule

A. Briefing Session 

  • Introduction of Arts for Good Foundation (AFGF)
  • Self-Introduction, collecting interest and expectation from the volunteers
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Task Assignment for team building
  • Q&A 

Date: 2 June 2022 (Thu)

Time: 15:00-17:00

Venue: HKU CPD-2.45

B. Pre-service Training

The training aims to help HKU student facilitators to bring art viewing experience to younger students who don’t have regular access to art. Facilitators will be trained to connect with younger students from different social backgrounds, to facilitate with open-mindedness to differences, and to create a co-learning experience for themselves as well as the student beneficiaries through this service learning opportunity. Prior self visits and completion of a service worksheet are mandatory for this service opportunity. 

This training will cover the current exhibitions at the HKMOA, and use people-centric approach to advocate arts and culture. Students will be given materials about the exhibitions and artworks, as well as a playlist of audio on public platforms for their preparations and self-study as well.

For M+ Museum:
This training will cover the community service elements and the logistic support to M+ Museum. Students will also be trained to use people-centric approach to lead younger learners, and facilitate discussion and foster perspectives through interpreting art. Students will be expected to facilitate small group discussions and self-learnings, and to exchange different perspectives within their own group, as well as with M+ onsite Art Guides.  Students will NOT be given any materials / trainings related to the exhibitions or art pieces for this self-study.

Date: 9 June 2022 (Thu)

Time: 18:30-21:30

Venue: HKU CPD-2.45

C. Pre-service Self Visit Mid / Late June @ HKMOA & M+ Museum
D. Direct Service To lead younger students to HKMOA or M+ Museum on selective Saturdays from July to August 2022.

Choose at least FIVE of the below dates:
2, 9, 16, 23, 30 July;
6, 13, 20, 27 August

Time: 10:00-12:30

Venue: HKMOA or M+ Museum

E. Debriefing & Sharing Session

Sept 2022 @ HKU
































Full-time HKU students who can:

1. Speak good Chinese and fluent English. English speaking students who are willing to serve Cantonese-speaking or mandarin-speaking students are also welcome;
2. Be people-centric leader with creative input for arts and culture learning opportunities, and engage upper primary / secondary school children in arts and culture programmes;
3. Work with other programme participants and facilitators from AFGF as a team;
4. Commit to participate in the aforementioned training and assigned service sessions; and
5. Submit a learning journal upon completion of the programme.


Target Number of Participants: 

10 students for Community Service Learning through Museum Visits (1) at HKMOA or (2) at M+ Museum respectively (First come, first served.)


Application Deadline

APPLY ONLINE on or before 22 May 2022 (Sun). 

< ALL quotas have been filled up. Thank you for your interest in the Programme. >



Student volunteers who contribute for 20 hours or more would receive a certificate and are eligible to apply for the Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences.


About Arts For Good Foundation (AFGF)

Arts for Good Foundation holds a firm conviction that every child/youth, irrespective of his/her financial background, colour of the skin, or school and family backgrounds, deserves an equal opportunity to explore and experience art and culture, with a particular focus on community inclusion, to nurture their well-being, empower themselves with positive personal growth and future changes. Ars for Good Foundation is also an impact-driven education social enterprise, with the mission of fostering social inclusion through the soft power of arts and culture for children and youth, particularly the ones from polarised or culturally divided communities. 



If you have any queries, please feel free to contact CEDARS at cedars-programmes@hku.hk.