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Pursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual enquiry and life-long learning

Pursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual enquiry and life-long learning

F:A:C:E: Choice and Sharing

This programme provides recommended arts and cultural programmes to students throughout the year. To widen students’ horizons in arts and culture, ticket subsidies will be offered to full-time HKU students to encourage appreciation of different art forms of performances or films.

Students may freely choose one of the designated programmes and register for the sharing session. Students will be eligible for ticket subsidy upon attendance of both the performance and the sharing session. Each HKU full-time student may apply for the ticket subsidy once in each semester. 

gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Intern with Founder

Intern with Founder is an entrepreneurship internship programme under CEDARS HOUSE (Hub of University Student Entrepreneurs) that helps develop students’ entrepreneurial capacities and mindset through hands-on intern opportunities with founders. The programme also builds bridges for entrepreneurial ventures to tap into the HKU talent pool. 

Students will be working closely with the founders of startup companies, innovationoriented companies, and entrepreneurial social ventures. The internship duration may range from eight weeks to one year, and can be either paid or non-paid in parttime or fulltime mode.

Intern with Founder is a pre-approved programme under Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences. Students who successfully completed the Programme will be eligible to earn one credit of the Credit Award Scheme by submitting an application to the Horizons Office for formal approval.

careers@hku.hk (Careers and Placement Section)

We are the World

‘We are the World’ is a series of interdisciplinary study of local, regional, and global issues. Universal values, human dignity and the future are widely discussed and explored. Newly curated programmes are organised every semester. All students are welcome to join.

gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Career Engine Builder (CEB)

Offered by HKU CEDARS-Careers and Placement, the Career Engine Builder (CEB) programme aims to provide continuous support to students of all levels and years of study for their career preparation. It equips students with essential career planning tools and crucial job application techniques through professional workshops, seminars, and individual career coaching. CEB's comprehensive approach strives to boost the confidence of students as they transition into the workplace by exploring their interests while supercharging their career goals and employability skills.


Enquiries: ceb@cedars.hku.hk (Careers and Placement Section)

One-on-One Career Advising

In concert with a series of career-related training and development programmes, CEDARS also offers an exclusive One-on-One Career Advising Service. This service is conducted by a group of Career Consultants and Senior Advisors with diverse and extensive industry experience in areas such as Senior HR/Recruitment, Finance, Banking, Technology, Engineering, Consulting, MNC, NGO, and Start-ups. These consultants are dedicated to providing personalised guidance and support to HKU students. With their expert advice and guidance, students can feel more confident and prepared as they take the next steps in their career journey.


Enquiries: careeradvising@cedars.hku.hk (Careers and Placement Section)

STEM Internship Scheme

The HKU STEM Internship Scheme, supported by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), aims to motivate students to gain full-time work experience in innovation and technology (I&T) related fields during their studies, and to nurture their interest in pursuing I&T careers after graduation. This all-year-round scheme is available to full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in over 160 eligible programmes, offering more than 600 internship opportunities in areas such as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Financial Technologies, and Data Analytics. In addition, CEDARS provides targeted training workshops, seminars, and personalised coaching sessions to help students develop crucial interview skills, effective CV writing techniques, intern development plan, and more.


Enquiries: stem@cedars.hku.hk (Careers and Placement Section)