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Tackling novel situations and ill-defined problems


CEDARS Global Career Springboard Scheme (CGCSS)

CGCSS offers unique career learning opportunities outside Hong Kong that helps you develop your work skills as well as global perspectives and enhance your mobility through building an international network.

CGCSS covers paid/non-paid workplace internships, career exploration programmes and /or other career learning experiences in Mainland China and overseas countries. A wide variety of internships are offered in over 50 locations, including Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, etc. Career exploration programmes are 1- to 3-week overseas learning tours, comprising corporate and manufacturing visits, career training, personal sharing by professionals, group research projects and cultural exchange activities with mentors or local university students. Stay tuned with the upcoming programmes of different themes and elements.

CGCSS is a pre-approved programme under Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences. Students who successfully completed the Programme will be eligible to earn one credit of the Credit Award Scheme by submitting an application to the Horizons Office for formal approval.

Enquiries: careerspringboard@cedars.hku.hk (Careers and Placement Section)

HKU Herb Garden / Tea Gathering

The Herb Garden, nestled outside the 2/F entrance of the Main Library, one of the HKU Edible Spaces to promote sustainable living and human-nature connection. The Garden was set up by students under the guidance of permaculture practitioners as part of a GE course, using up-cycled materials such as old bamboo from the New Year Flower Market. This project hopes to nurture a community that shares similar concerns about health, the environment, and our future, as well as to spark off more creative and sustainable use of campus space and resources. 

Herb Garden Tea Gathering is the monthly event to unwind in this enchanting, aromatic atmosphere!  A variety of organic herbs are growing and thriving beautifully in this garden!  Not only can you enjoy the delicious food made from our fresh herbs, but you are also welcome to join in with different hands-on activities and herbal crafts. Furthermore, an amazing array of locally-grown organic produce will be available on these dates. Please bring along reusable utensils and containers to enjoy the snacks and tea, and also bring bags for some veggie shopping! Latest event updates can be found at HKU Edible Spaces.

Enquiries: gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Organic Farming Workshop 

During this workshop series, you will learn how to grow organic vegetables and herbs at the Edible Spaces on campus. By becoming more in tune with our natural surroundings and recycling food waste, you can reduce your impact on the environment. At the last workshop, you will make a delicious farm-to-table meal using the fresh produce you have grown!

Workshop participants can also join the farming team to help out with daily tasks in the farm’s communal area.

Enquiries: gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Trail Walker @ HKU

A 50-kilometre walk along the Hong Kong Trail on Hong Kong Island is a challenge to your team spirit, resilience, endurance and courage. This challenging team event requires participants to complete the trail within a 16-hour time limit.

Details of the walk, pre-walk preparation, and practical tips such as training exercise, meal plan and suggested attires will be provided during the briefing session.

Enquiries: gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Tackling novel situations and ill-defined problems