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A Guiding Hand for You and Me

A Guiding Hand for You and Me

Chu Lok Hang Vincent's Story
(Awardee of 23rd Recognition Ceremony)
Faculty of Science

For new students, guidance from the senior students is the cornerstone of a joyful university life.  What ‘the older students’ have to do is to support the newcomers to open up to new experiences so they can shine with ease.

“He found his place as a guiding hand for others in the HKU community.”

CEDARS, a hub of student engagement, launched programmes such as Peer Connect and High Table and SEN Peer Impact Network which foster the communication among students of different years with diversified backgrounds.  This large social network is where Vincent Chu (BSc(Biological Sciences)) found his place as a guiding hand for others in the HKU community.  As a senior, Vincent touched the lives of many through his active participation and enthusiasm. As such, Vincent won the CEDARS Service Award – Gold Award in the 23rd Recognition Ceremony.

 Photo of Vincent

Vincent has been a Student Induction Instructor for CEDARS Non-Academic Induction Programme since the summer of 2018.  He led the icebreaking sessions and participated in the HKU-exclusive High Table Dinners with freshmen.  Despite his university experience, he was inspired by the new faces.  Vincent believes that co-learning is one of the biggest takeaways which the seniors exchanged HKU survival tips with the juniors’ bright minds.

On the other hand, working with CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment Section as a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Buddy and Social Coach made Vincent more determined to build confidence in students with special needs.  The training Vincent received equipped him with a proper etiquette to think in the shoes of people with difficulties.  

Photo of Vincent at Lok Yew Hall

With a growth mindset, Vincent continues to serve others.  By doing so, it reciprocally encourages his personal growth and development.  He feels lucky to have met some of his closest friends through working with CEDARS.  It contributed to a fulfilling life at HKU. 

Written by:

Teresa Chung

Year 3, Faculty of Social Sciences

April 2020

A Guiding Hand for You and Me