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Message from Dean of Student Affairs

Message from Dean of Student Affairs

Dear students,


A super warm welcome to the second semester of the academic year.  University life is a wild ride full of adjustments, experimentation and surprises.  And guess what?  This semester is the perfect time to evaluate what really matters to you and set boundaries to keep a healthy balance between your mind, body, and soul.


Remember, your well-being comes first!  Make sure to carve out time for activities that make you feel alive, both physically and mentally.  Find those things that bring you joy and recharge your batteries.  Taking care of yourself is like fuelling up for success, giving you the energy and resilience to reach your goals.


Second chance! Here's the exciting part - it's a fresh start!  If things didn't go as planned in the first half of the year, don't sweat it.  This semester is your chance to hit the reset button and make awesome changes.  Remember, it's absolutely okay not to be okay.  You know what they say, "I could have been the best in high school, but it's okay to ask for help and get back on track, together we thrive!"


Let's make this semester a time of growth and learning.  Embrace the opportunities to try new things, unlearn what doesn't serve you, and relearn what does.  Reach out to your fellow students, professors, and the amazing support services available on campus.


Wishing you an epic and successful second semester!


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Best regards,

Professor Samson Tse (IG: tsesamson)

January 2024


Professor Samson Tse  [謝樹基教授] is the Professor of Mental Health and currently serves as the Dean of Student Affairs (September 2020- ) at The University of Hong Kong. He is the Fellow and Accredited Supervisor of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA). The corpus of Professor Tse’s research and scholarship is on building knowledge for the human services that support people with severe mental illness and those affected by addiction problem and in turn, to improve the wellbeing of service users, families and caregivers. Prior to his relocation to Hong Kong, he worked in New Zealand – Dunedin and Auckland− for over 20 years. Professor Tse has authored/ co-authored over 200 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the field of addiction and mental health. He has served in various government committees such as the Mental Health Advisory Committee under the Health Bureau and the Research Advisory Group under the Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau and several non-governmental organisations. Professor Tse has held honorary/ visiting professorial positions at Yale University, University of Melbourne and University of Auckland.


(Last update: January 2024)