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Election of Student Memberships on University Committees 2023-2024

Election of Student Memberships on University Committees 2023-2024

Please click here for the election results.

 Announcement of Election Results: Election of Student Memberships on University Committees 2023-24


The university is dedicated to fostering and promoting students' active involvement and collaboration in the administration of the University. To ensure that that the university takes into account students' views and opinions and to promote their sense of belonging to the HKU community, the university provides several opportunities for student representation on university committees.

In 2023-24, the Election of Student Memberships on University Committees (“the Election”) will take place in November. Details of the Election are listed below:

Number of Vacancies

This year we have 35 vacancies of student representatives (21 Undergraduates "UG" and 14 Postgraduates "PG") for 13 University Committees below.

1. Academic Advising and First Year Experience Committee 2 UG only 
2. Careers and Placement Committee 1 UG, 1 PG
3. Committee for the Selection of Wardens, Masters and Tutors 2 UG, 2 PG
4. Committee on Campus Life 2 UG, 1 PG
5. Committee on Catering 2 UG, 2 PG
6. Committee on Halls 1 UG not residing in a residential hall, 1 PG residing in a residential hall
7. Committee on Health, Safety and Well-Being 1 UG, 1 PG
8. Committee on Personal Development and Counselling 2 UG, 1 PG
9. Committee on Student Affairs 2 UG, 1 PG
10. Discrimination Complaints Committee 2 UG, 2 PG
11. Equal Opportunity Committee 1 UG, 1 PG
12. HKU Horizons Committee 2 UG only
13. Library Committee 1 UG, 1 PG

[Important Note] Candidates can ONLY participate in the following committees (numbers 1, 7, 9-13) if they are participating in the election for the Committee on Student Affairs. This rule encourages broader participation and diverse perspectives within our committees, promotes focused commitment, and prevents overlap in decision-making.

Info Session (zoom):

A briefing session will be held to let students know more about the background of the nomination/ election of student representatives, their roles and responsibilities and Q&A.

Info session: Zoom (Oct 20, 2023) 18:00-18:50 (HKT)
(https://hku.zoom.us/j/97493623194, HKU Portal login required)

Language: English
Target participants: All HKU students

  • Mr Laurence Tang (Head of Campus Life)
  • Mr Derek Cho (serving UG student representative of Committee on Personal Development and Counselling)
  • Mr Sunny Chan (serving student representative of Committee on Student Affairs)
  • Miss Yi Xiaoyue (serving PG student representative of Committee on Campus Life)


Oct 18, 2023 - Announcement of peer-nomination period, election period and info session details

Oct 20, 2023 - Zoom info session

Oct 19 to 27, 2023 - Peer-nomination period

Oct 31, 2023 - Announcement of verified nominations

Nov 1 to 2, 2023 - Period of withdrawal of candidacy

Nov 4 to 13, 2023 - Promotion period for candidates

Nov 9, 2023 - Public Consultation (in case of bad weather, the Public Consultation will be postponed to Nov 10, 2023)

Nov 13, 2023 2:00p.m. to Nov 15, 2023 5:00p.m. – Online Election

Nov 16, 2023 - Announcement of election results

Briefing session for elected student representatives (To be confirmed)

Nov 15, 2023 to Nov 14, 2024 - The term of office for student membership begins.

Submission Method of Nomination Forms

Please complete the online nomination form https://wp3.cedars.hku.hk/form/web/ucomm23 and upload the scanned copy of "Particulars of Nominators" from Oct 19 till Oct 27, 2023 23:59.

Nomination Regulations and Procedures

  • Each candidate must be nominated in writing by at least ten eligible voters (“nominators”) on the Particulars of Nominators.

  • Each candidate can be nominated up to two committees in the Election.

  • Candidates are not allowed to concurrently participate in the election of a committee and its sub-committee.

  • Each eligible voter can nominate up to one candidate for each vacancy.

  • Each eligible vote can nominate up to two candidates in the Election.

  • If the number of candidates is the same as or fewer than the number of places available for election by the nomination deadline, there is no need for an election and the candidate(s) will be declared elected unopposed.

Determination of the Result of the Election

  • Candidates who receive the most valid FOR votes shall be the winners of the election.

  • In the event that two or more candidates receive an equal number of valid FOR votes, the candidate with fewer AGAINST votes will be elected. If candidates receive an equal number of FOR and AGAINST votes, a re-election will be conducted in the Semester 2. Details will be announced in January 2024.

Ethical Conduct

  • Dishonesty or fraud in any part of the nomination and election process will lead to disqualification

  • The elected candidates should observe the confidentiality and integrity to execute the duties of student representatives.

Candidates' Profile

Please click here for the candidates’ profiles.

Online Election

Please click here.

Election Regulations

Please click here for the election regulations.

Election Results

Please click here for the election results.

Support to Student Representatives

CEDARS is committed to providing support to student representatives in collecting feedback from general students via bulk email/ online survey. Meetings and briefings will be arranged for student representatives to foster good communication with different University officials in committee meetings.