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Tackling novel situations and ill-defined problems

Intern with Founder

Intern with Founder (http://cedars.hku.hk/internwfounder) is an entrepreneurship internship programme under CEDARS HOUSE (Hub of University Student Entrepreneurs) that helps develop students’ entrepreneurial capacities and mindset through hands-on intern opportunities with founders. The programme also builds bridges for entrepreneurial ventures to tap into the HKU talent pool.

Students will be working closely with the founders of start‐up companies, innovation‐oriented companies, and entrepreneurial social ventures. The internship duration may range from eight weeks to one year, and can be either paid or non-paid in part‐time or full‐time mode.

We also organise HKU Startup Job Fairs (11 Oct 2017 and Spring 2018) to let students network with a variety of prospective startups and make an impression before applying for internship and full time jobs.

Enquiries: Careers and Placement CEDARS-HOUSE@cedars.hku.hk

Tackling novel situations and ill-defined problems