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HKU 81 Inclusion Fund

  • Events or Community Activities
  • Service Projects
  • Publications
  • Education Programmes
Voluntary service projects, publications, education programmes, other learning opportunities which meet the overall objective of the Fund
1. Regular applications:Support projects on promoting equal opportunity and social inclusion for people with a disability* inside or outside of Hong Kong (* The definition of "disability" in these Funds follows the Disability Discrimination Ordinance under Hong Kong law. For details, please refer to: http://www.eoc.org.hk/EOC/GraphicsFolder/DDOandI.aspx?DDO=1)

2. Mental Health Education Scheme applications offers funding for innovative projects to promote mental health awareness and to fight against stigma on the HKU campus.

  • UGs
  • PGs
  • Staff (Mental Health Education Scheme only)
  • Student groups under HKUSU or PGSA
  • Student groups (any)
  • Others (Individual student)
  • Local
  • Non Local
3917 8388 (Phone)
cedars-cope@hku.hk (Email)
Round I: September Round II: Mid February

Search funding sources