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Intercultural understanding and global citizenship

Cross-cultural Speed Dating

Ever wonder how it will be like to mingle or even have brief “dates” with people from various cultural background? Cross-cultural Speed Dating provides you a chance to meet prospective romantic partners and friends in a fun, speedy and relaxing way. Through various activities, you can meet different people from different cultural backgrounds, polish your social skills and discover your love language.

Enquiries: cedars-cope@hku.hk (Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE) Section)

Expand Social Circle – Social Communication Enhancement

Striking up conversation with a stranger may be difficult. Pair up with your peers to brush up your language skills and enhance your confidence!

“Peer English Tutoring” connects you with a native or near-native English speaking Language Partner to practise conversational English in a stress-free environment. Spoken English is made easy by chatting about food, movies, travel and music!

“Survival Cantonese” offers practice sessions conducted by native Cantonese Peer Tutors.  Essential day-to-day “Survival Cantonese” phrases will be covered at these sessions.   Non-local students are most welcome to join as tutees.

Enquiries: cedars-cope@hku.hk (Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE) Section)

Global Friends Programme (GFP) 

A group of GFP ambassadors will initiate an array of fun-filled activities for you to join. The programme aims to facilitate cultural exchange and enhance integration between local and non-local students. It offers a networking platform for you to make friends around the world while enjoying social events and cultural activities. You can explore life and culture in Hong Kong through activities which fall into these four themes: arts, recreation, sports, and outdoor exploration.

Enquiries: cedars@hku.hk (Campus Life Section)

Global Kitchen 

‘Global Kitchen’ is a cultural melting pot that allows you to explore other cultures through food. Not only can you connect with students from over 100 countries, sample dishes from around the world, but also cook the home cuisine that you have been dearly missing!  

Enquiries: gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Global News Chat 

We are living in a globalised world with news circulating across the Internet instantly. Just with a click on your smartphones, you can read the news happening thousands of miles away. To facilitate some in-depth discussion on significant international and regional news, student hosts from various backgrounds are invited to share their personal views and insights on the issues that they care about.

Enquiries: gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Happy Thursday - Tea from Around the World

‘Happy Thursday’ is a 90-minute programme where student hosts are invited to tell stories about their own country while taking a sip of the freshly brewed tea from their hometowns.

GE Team has been curating this cultural exchange programme since 2017, and student hosts from China, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, France, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam have shared the tea and snacks of their home-lands.

Enquiries: gened@hku.hk (General Education Team)

Intercultural understanding and global citizenship