Enquire Duty Counsellor

Enquire Duty Counsellor

You are welcome to contact our Duty Counsellor and make an enquiry by phone
(852) 3917 8388 or email <cedars-cope@hku.hk>.

You can make an enquiry for yourself to:

  • Find out more about our counselling and psychological services
  • Seek general advice regarding your personal concerns
  • Know whether your personal concerns may benefit from counselling or other support services

Enquiry is NOT a substitute for individual face-to-face counselling.

You can make an enquiry for your friends, students, or children to:

  • Get information about the counselling and psychological services (e.g. how they can use our services*)
  • Seek advice on how to support or respond to their emotions or personal concerns
  • Discuss with our professionals on a worrying situation
  • Seek ways to encourage them to ask for help
  • Facilitate the appointment booking process for them after getting their permission

You are not obliged to give us any personally identifiable information of a student if it is not considered necessary.

*We encourage students to make their own appointments. This allows them to take an active role in dealing with their concerns.

Enquiry is NOT for checking students’ counselling attendance or progress. Personal information provided by students in counselling is strictly confidential. Written consent from the student is required for disclosure. If you would like to know their information, we advise you to communicate with the student directly.

Enquire Duty Counsellor