SEN Support on Mental Illness

SEN Support on Mental Illness

Mental illnesses (MI) involve changes in thinking, feelings or behaviours that cause dysfunction in students’ daily activities. Generally, individuals suffering from MI can experience diverse symptoms and/or side effects of medications that affect their academic functioning. The course of illness ranges from episodic to chronic, varying from person to person. The extent of impairments varies across different individuals. Common impairments include poor concentration, low motivation, slower processing speed etc.

SEN Support Services offer learning and campus support to minimize the students’ faced challenges in relation to their mental illness(es). The Case Manager conducts needs assessment for students with MI. Depending on the information and documents provided by the students, reasonable academic accommodations/ adjustments may be recommended.

Read the leaflet on "Supporting students with Mental Illness" to learn more about features, useful support and for communication.

Reasonable accommodations

Reasonable accommodations aim to minimise or eliminate the disadvantaging effects of the impairing mental illness conditions on students’ learning. They are meant to “level the playing field” instead of reducing or undermining the core academic requirements of a course or programme. Learn more about reasonable accomodations

Am I eligible for SEN Support Service?

You are eligible for SEN Support Service if you have a documented mental illness and require leaning support for your study. Please register with us with the required supporting documents, including the assessment report and evidence of previous approved accomodations. 

SEN Support Service vs Counselling and Psychological Services 

For students who would like to seek treatment to improve their mental health conditions, learn effective coping skills, or to explore their potentials, they can make an appointment with the Counselling and Psychological Services. Students can discuss on the mutually agreed goals with their case Psychologist/ Counsellor.  

SEN Support on Mental Illness