What to Expect from Counselling

What to Expect from Counselling?

Counselling and Psychological Services at CoPE is a free support service for all current HKU students.

Our counsellors are all qualified professionals. You will have an opportunity to talk about the issues of your concern in a safe and private environment. Your information will be kept strictly confidential

CoPE adopts both strength-based and problem-based approaches. The service is not only for treating mental illnesses, mood/psychological problems but also for exploring potentials, nurturing adaptabilities, and developing coping skills. Common issues that students bring to us include study problems, learning challenges, adjustment issues, interpersonal relationships, personal development, emotional distress, and mental health concerns (read more).

Counselling is a two-way process. You will collaborate with your Case Counsellor in setting and working towards your development goals. The number and frequency of sessions depend on your needs and conditions, as well as the time you will be able to contribute to the process. 

If you will benefit from other support services at HKU or in the community, your Case Counsellor will discuss that with you, provide you with the information, or make a referral for you if appropriate.

Want to know more about our counselling service? Read FAQs

What to Expect from Counselling