Both doctors and psychiatrists in Hong Kong receive academic and professional training from medical schools, and are thus qualified to prescribe medication. Clinical psychologists provide psychological assessments and treatments based on psychological theories and knowledge. While counsellors can be a generic term that applies to individuals who help and support others, counsellors working at CEDARS are all qualified psychologists, social workers, and family and marital therapists. They provide professional and ethical counselling and emotional support to students at the University.

    All current HKU students. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, both part-time and full-time, of The University of Hong Kong are eligible to use our service.

    You can seek counsellors’ help when:

    • You want to understand yourself better;
    • You need professional and objective advice on your personal concerns;
    • You want to improve certain skills and capabilities;
    • You need help to cope with your emotions, which result from a distressful situation;
    • You need psychological treatments for anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

    The Intake Session is a one-to-one interview for the Case Counsellor to understand your concerns and background, and to provide you with some advice and suggestions if appropriate. You and your Case Counsellor will then work collaboratively on the mutually agreed goals and make plans for additional sessions. When necessary, your Case Counsellor may suggest a referral to medical or psychiatric services and/or services provided by the public and private sectors.

    Our team follows a client-oriented short-term counselling principle. The exact number of sessions will depend on the nature of issues and mutual agreement.

    You can contact us during office hours. We will arrange a meeting with your Case Counsellor as soon as possible. Otherwise, our Duty Counsellor will assess your needs and discuss the appropriate arrangement with you.

    You are highly recommended to consult a professional in a local agency and/or institution.

    You may consult the Departmental Hotline Service under the Social Welfare Department (tel) 2343 2255 to explore available counselling services in the community.

    If you are looking for Clinical Psychology Services in the community, you may refer to the lists of Non-Government Organizations Clinical Psychologists and Private Practicing Clinical Psychologists on the website of Division of Clinical Psychology, The Hong Kong Psychological Society Ltd.

    (The list is updated from time to time. Browse under For Public > List of Clinical Psychologists working in Non-Government Organizations & Private Practicing for the most updated information. Available in both Chinese and English.)

    It is voluntary for students to seek counselling services. Therefore, it is the students’ own choice and responsibility to make an appointment with our counsellors.

    If the student asks for your help to make an appointment, call us while the student is with you. You may also consider accompanying the student to come to our centre. If you are worried about a student who is ambivalent about seeking our services and you would like to facilitate his/her help-seeking, you can consult our Duty Counsellor for advice and special considerations. However, if the student is not ready to engage in the process, any forced counselling sessions will be infertile. Refer to Support and Referral to see what you can do.l to see what you can do.

    No. Only medical doctors are qualified to prescribe medication. If you want to seek medical advice, you are advised to consult a medical doctor at the University Health Service.

    In order to receive timely and comprehensive support from a counselling professional, students are advised to seek counselling and mental health assistance from where they are currently located. Also, there are laws and rules that govern counselling or health-care practices in most countries. Counsellors or psychologists registered in Hong Kong are unable to provide services without a valid license of the places outside Hong Kong.